Saturday, December 29, 2012


This is probably a not the best time to start a fitness and food blog, given that it's right after the holidays and I've generally been feeling lazy and unmotivated to care about what I'm eating let alone go to the gym. However this chilly (for California) Saturday I find myself a bit lethargic and am praying I am not coming down with anything, all the while thinking how I can be healthier and how I've always wanted to start a food/fitness blog, if for the very least to chronicle my endeavors and maybe even inspire some people along the way. It was one of those things that I always thought about but never actually did, especially since I always figured it would just mostly be recipes I'd tried from someone else's blog (giving full credit of course)... But given that I put it on my 2013 vision (a fancier word for resolutions)  and I actually wanted to try a couple recipes today I decided I'd start writing this stuff down now.

And so "Workout Eat Repeat" was born.

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