Sunday, January 27, 2013

No excuses

Wow, I have been really bad about posting and keeping up with my challenge, which I have to admit, didn't work out so well... Between work and getting sick, and other social events, things have just slipped through the cracks. No excuses, but I am picking myself back up and starting again, and that's really the key, not to beat yourself up if you fail, just to revise your plan and continue forward...

So for February my new plan is the following - exercise in some form (not necessarily Ripped in 30) 4 times per week, and cut back alcohol to 4 times per month (3 was too conservative). I have the 8K on March 10th, so I needed to incorporate running/jogging back into my routine. I also want to do more yoga. I had a groupon for a nearby yoga studio, which I ended up using most of, but it has since expired so my choices are P90X Yoga or 24 Hour Fitness yoga... this past Wednesday I found a class @ 7:30 which was actually pretty good, once I got over the fact that you could still slightly hear the music thumping outside in the gym and that it wasn't warm :)

Workout log for Jan 20-26:

Sunday - 2.5 mile jog, outside
Wednesday - yoga
Thursday - 2 mile jog, treadmill
Saturday - snowboarding in Tahoe

I love snowboarding! it's so fun... Even though I am hurting today... I want to go back soon... It just needs to snow more.

Plan for this week 1/28 - 2/2:

Monday - run 2.5 miles
Wednesday - yoga
Thursday - run 3 miles
Saturday - run or hike

with some strength training in there somewhere... and abs every workout day. I was supposed to go grocery shopping today, but was far too lazy when I finally got home... I think I can scrape together something for snacks & meals tomorrow before going to the store tomorrow night. This weekend was pretty much a no-log weekend (meaning I didn't log anything I ate), but I'll be back on track at least for the week ;)

Have a great Monday!

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  1. I think you're doing a great job still girl... don't be so hard on yourself! Love you!