Sunday, March 9, 2014

Paleo Tortillas

I made this today:

The "tortillas" actually came out pretty good, it was like making pancakes, the first one was thick and kind of broken apart but the rest came out pretty well. They have a crepe like texture and kinda tasted like egg but they were good. I didn't have almond milk so I used canned coconut milk mixed with some water. I also used wholly guacamole instead of making my own.

I ate two of the tacos and then put sliced black olives on the third one after the pic was taken. Salsa and lettuce would be a good addition as well.

Loving that it's 7pm and still light out, not loving that I lost an hour of sleep, I was not feeling rested this morning but that could also be attributed to the wine I drank this weekend! My goal is to eat clean all this week, I washed and chopped up lettuce, spinach, carrots, bell pepper, mushrooms and red onion for salads, and am broiling a couple fillets of salmon for the salads to bring for lunch.

Time to finish my other Sunday activities (folding laundry, etc) and try and get to bed early... I know, my life is so exciting ;) Good night!

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