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49er Rush - Challenge Run Race Report

This post is way overdue and has  been sitting as a Gmail draft for 6 months, not sure why I didn't post it after I finished writing it... oh well, better late than never. I don't remember the exact level of my fitness but I'm pretty sure I hadn't run much since the half marathon I had done two months prior.

49er Rush - Challenge Run - 9/19/2015

Probably less than a quarter mile from the start, was the first station which was the 40 yard dash. Now I'm not much of a sprinter and this is where I lost my friend Erin. I slowed wayyyy down after the sprint, not quite a walk but a super slow jog. Luckily it was downhill a bit after this so it wasn't too bad. There was a water station, I slowed down to drink some then started jogging again. At some point there was a cone drill which was easy..  just weaving between around 8-9 cones which were pretty far apart.

The next area was on the practice field, where there were three stations. As I was jogging towards the first station I saw Erin waiting at the end of the line. There were about 3 people in front of her, the station was to throw a football into a net (quarterback toss) which was pretty simple. Then we ran over to the next station was to tie a speed parachute around your waist and then sprint up and down the field once. This sprint went better, maybe because I was more warmed up. The third station was called "vertical leap" and consisted of jumping on a padded surface while someone threw a tiny football at you, you caught it, then you jumped off and gave it back. Then we jogged back towards the start, I lost Erin again at this point. Yes she runs faster than me. I saw her on my way up of the next station which was carrying a sandbag up some stairs. She was on her way down while I was going up. I didn't see her again until the end of the race. I switched the sandbag to the other shoulder before I went back down. I have no clue how heavy it was. 20 pounds?  Somewhere between this station and the next station the stairs began. In between the next 11 stations we would end up going up and down stairs from the field to the top like 3 times. It was killer. The next station was "pop up & tackle". Basically you pushed this thing over and then tackled another one onto a padded surface and then went on to the next one. It was pretty straightforward. Then more stairs...

Next station was "ladder drill" which was super simple, basically stepping in each square of a fitness ladder until you got to the other side. Then after this was the push up station, you had to do 30 pushups. This one was rough even doing "girl" pushups. Next was more stairs all the way to the top of the stadium and then all the way back down where we were handed a medicine ball. The course map said "med ball slams" but it was basically just push presses with the ball. 20 of those and then back up more stairs. Then it was bear crawl, this started out okay and then halfway through I got tired and stopped like 5 times. I did pass a couple people though, yay! I saw a couple of guys at this point that i pretty much leapfrogged back and forth with until the end. After the bear crawl went down more stairs and then there were these hurdles you had to step over and under, about 10 of them. After that... you guessed it, more stairs. Up to the next level and then to the next station which was "cooler carry" , basically carrying a Gatorade cooler full of ice and water a few yards in a circle. Some of the water splashed on my shirt which was nice because it was hot.  At this point the race took a turn for the better as we started running down the ramp. No more stairs!

The next one on the map said "crawl", but in person it was called red web or something. It was basically like 10 strings set up and you had to go over and under them.

Next was 15 box jumps but everyone was doing step ups so I did too. More running down the ramp then back inside the bottom of the stadium, into the visitors locker room, which was pretty cool. We had to do lunges from the entrance to the other side of the locker room. Then ran through the hallway and out into the field! Yay, I was almost done. I saw Erin, she was already done. The last station was "the gauntlet / handoff" where I was handed a tiny football (which I got to keep)  and run through a "gauntlet" which is basically a football drill where you run through a machine like this only people were holding the pads. Then I ran around the end zone and into the finish line. Yay! My time was a little under 1 hour 2 minutes (1:01:56). All in all it was a ton of fun but I would definitely train more on stairs before attempting this again!

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